The Wolves who Ate Christmas – Now on Amazon

wolves who ate christmas (lo-res)

Elvish Warrior (c) Stepan Kapl/ Silhouette of a Werewolf (c) Paladjai/


In the frozen lands of the far north, a half-starved werewolf pack hunts for shelter and food. When their mightiest hunter, Tarrant, stumbles upon a Red Cave not far from a cozy Elven town, it’s like a wish come true. But the beasts of burden in the village’s stables are the only prey animals for miles, driving the werewolves to ever-more audacious acts of thievery to feed their hungry children.

Lensmann Zelamor investigates a series of brutal murders that have the Elves on edge, shattering their faith and pushing their magic to the brink. Now he must search for a connection between the disappearance of the Enchanted Reindeer and the gruesome slaughter of his people, and he believes Tarrant is the key.

Unless Zelamor and Tarrant believe in each other, the werewolves will be wiped out – and the magic will disappear, plunging a hundred nations into darkness.

Fortunately, in the Elven Village, “believe” is serious business…


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