About the Author

Somehow, I was born in Germany, which for most of my childhood I mistook for having a personality. Growing up in a rambling farmhouse in the country, the forest and river out back were my playground, with less chance of giving me tetanus. I’ve always been an avid reader, devouring so many books that eventually some started leaking out.

My first story, “Canis Lunar,” was published in the University of Southern Maine literary magazine “The Review” in 1993, followed by “The Cadillac” a year later. A friendly publisher expressed a willingness to release my first novel White Crusade in 2007, followed by Found: One Apocalypse in 2010.

Why furry? Because I find it easier to stay interested in the characters.

How do you break into the business? Get to know your publishers, and recognize what appeals to them.

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