White Crusade

Five hundred years after Man’s downfall, the ascetic “Animal-People” have rebuilt the world in their image. The memory of Mankind is of a species whose greed and avarice led to its collapse. To Tay of the Wolf-Clan, they’re a species whose time has passed.

Tay’s only ambition was to spend his life in service to his people. He was a healer, so his Tribe made him their leader. Then a dying stranger appeared in his village, carrying a small black cube and raving about an army of invaders sweeping across the country, devouring everything in its path.

A cult has formed around the once-limitless potential of human endeavor. This cult has founded an army, and this army worships the lost race as Gods. The cult has a mission: the White Crusade. And the White Crusade’s greatest ambition has fallen into the paws of the young leader of a small woodland village.

Now Tay must launch a hasty expedition across the changing landscape of tomorrow’s America, guided by footloose trader Zack and accompanied by Sonac, an expert on human technology. Together, they must unlock the secrets of the cube’s terrible power, before the armies of the White Crusade can claim it as their own and wield it against the world.

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